Chris Brady Homework April 7

Project Title: The Canadian Goose War of Central Park
Concept: Illustrated Children’s book about twins living in the Dakota who help a pigeon, which is being attacked by a Canadian Goose, and end up being swept into a saga to find the king of the Pigeons and stop the invasion of the Canadian Geese. They are summoned at their window in the middle of the night and are given the ability to understand animals speak. They are enlisted in a panicked search for the Pigeon King who has gone missing since his wifes death, in order to stop the encroaching Canadian Geese. There travels take them through Central Park where they meet and enlist all kinds of humorous characters who trade favors to help them find the king. It is a story of love, misunderstanding, and adventure with a happy ending.

Aesthetic Summary:

IMG_20140406_120848822 IMG_20140406_120859153 IMG_20140406_120907483 IMG_20140406_120920372 IMG_20140406_121143301 IMG_20140406_121156871 IMG_20140406_121203219 IMG_20140406_121213406 IMG_20140406_121234634 IMG_20140406_121303981 IMG_20140406_121332868 IMG_20140406_121349569 IMG_20140406_121403760 IMG_20140406_121411311

Art: Michael

Copy: Chris

Layout: Safiyyah

Substrate: Pearl Coated Paper
Additional Notes:

Timeline and Objectives:

For April 7: Agree on Concept, split work

For April 28: Rough Draft

For May 5:Final Draft

For May 12: Present Digital Files for Final Projects

For May 19: Present Final Projects


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