Final Project Brief hwk for April 7th



Project title : Playing cards / or book  based on mythological creatures and gods from four different cultures.

Aesthetic Summary : our project will be Printed playing cards or a book (to be decided) that will have images based on various mythologies in the world from four different cultures. Each of the four suits will represent a different mythology culture and be illustrated with simple geometric shapes and forms with bright eye popping colors.

Art: Vector and/or hand drawn illustrations

Copy: A brief background description of  creature or god included in the package as a foldable poster that will explain each god followed by the illustrations.

Timeline: about 4 weeks or so 

April 7th : discuss Research and finalization of the concept and to determine a consistent drawing style swell as technique to have a cohesive design.

April 21st : Rough drafts due of the box design or book cover design and of the gods and color pallets.

April 28st: Final draft due for minor changes and or corrections before its sent off for printing

May 2nd: final sent off for Print


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