Safiyyah Abdullah HW April, 7th.

Project Title: Reasons for Seasons- Children’s Book
Concept: This is a book about teaching children the four different seasons that occurs every year. They will learn how to depict the weather, the leaves, the sun and clouds to understand which season will be next.

Aesthetic Summary: Scenes of each season with children exposed to different types of activities.

Art:  Illustration of children and scenes of each season.

Copy: Paragraph or more of each season or coming up with a story.

References & Inspiration (at least 3-5 sources):



Substrate: Glossy Paper
Binding: Stitched
Additional Notes: These examples of books we can use (subject to change)



Timeline and Objectives:

For April 7: Together we will divide the tasks according to the skills and what we can provide. For example:

Michael- Create illustrations for the book.

Safiyyah (ME)- Help Michael edit and color the illustrations of the children or animals.

Chris- Help with the copy for the seasons ( We can all pitch in)

For April 28: Have the illustrations done and colored and make sure the pages are assembled correctly.

For May 5: HOPEFULLY have the book almost ready to be shipped if we choose to use blurb.

For May 12: Present Digital Files for Final Projects

For May 19: Present Final Projects



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