Ian Pooran HW April 7th

Concept: create A fully functional and playable deck of cards with useful information and characteristic about a variety of different Zodiac signs. The playing cards will have meanings for each that helps the players to learn about their astrology signs in Maya , Egyptian, Western  , Chinese zodiac signs.
Aesthetic Summary:  56 playing cards with unique packaging. The Back of the card will have a unique one of kind illustration while the inside of the card will have the information about the astrology and info graphic to match.
Art: Information and illustarations
Demantion: 3.5″-5.5″

Binding: no binding
/ deck packaged in a box.

Timeline and Objectives
For April 7: create brief
For April 28: first draft
For May 5: final approval
For May 12: Present Digital Files for Final Projects

References & Inspiration :




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