Stephanie Venegas HW April 7th

Project Title: Infected

Concept: A illustrated survival guide to help through the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

Aesthetic Summary: Simple infographic-esque handbook. Illustrations of different kinds of zombies, weapons, and causes of the outbreak. Easy to read handbook for when you’re on the run from a horde.

Art: Vector illustrations of zombies and weapons.

Copy: Four to five chapters: Break down of each kind of zombie, and how to identity them. Weapons. Causes of outbreak. Zombies in pop culture.

References & Inspiration (at least 3-5 sources):


Binding: Perfect binding

For April 7: Finalize concept, begin sketches, distribute responsibilities.

For April 28: finalize sketches, apply them to the layout.

For May 5: make any corrections, send it to the printer

For May 12: Present Digital Files for Final Projects

For May 19: Present Final Projects



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