Chris Brady Homework for April 28

Our project is a color guide of the seasons in Central Park and will have both images and illustrations. We wanted to use a printer that offers high quality paper and good vibrant color. I have researched photo printers and found that Blurb offers the largest formats for print as well as an InDesign Template that works very well. I have looked at other printers, such as Artisan State and Mpix, but I find those companies geared more towards gift books and not professionally published pieces. Blurb also has good advanced color management to get the best screen to paper outcome. All around, I have been very happy with Blurb but it can get very pricy.

Printing Facility: Blurb

Type of press it will be printed on: HP Indigo Digital Offset
Number of colors: full range 4 color cmyk
Size: 13 X 11
Pages: 40- 60
Cover type: Hardcover, dust jacket
Binding: library
Paper finish: Pro Line Pearl Photo
Color profile: see above
Bleed: see above
Set up costs: $0
Proof costs: no proof
Minimum quantity: 1
Total cost: $120
Cost per unit: $100
Turnaround time: 6-10 days
Pros: good quality
Cons: expensive


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