Michael Tutko HW April 28th (late)

Michael Tutko

Printing Facility:         Blurb.com

Type of press it will be printed on:    HP Indigo Digital Offset Press

Number of colors:       CMYK

Size:                            13x11in

Pages:                          65

Cover type:                 Hardcover w/ dust jacket

Binding:                      Library

Paper finish:                Pro Line Pearl Photo

Color profile:               CMYK

Bleed:                          .125 in (1/8th in)

Set up costs:                $0 bucks, A decent amount of time.

Proof costs:                 $120.24 (Not including tax and shipping)

Minimum quantity:     1

Total cost:                   $120.24 (Not including tax and shipping)

Cost per unit:              $120.24 (Not including tax and shipping)

Turnaround time:        Up to 2 weeks

Easy to navigate once accustom with the website. I also find how to set up the files easy, and this made easier by blurb having their own plug-ins for InDesign and Lightroom. The site was also structured more and seemed better catered then a few other websites to book design. The link to sell through Blurb itself and Amazon is also a very cool feature if the accounts are linked.


Despite having a good variety’s of types of paper and book sizes, it wasn’t as much as I thought it would have. I honestly would thought there would be an insane amount of options considering how poplar I assume blurb is. Although what they offer is enough, other sites had slight varying sizes and paper types. So like every scenario there is some give and take, but it’s understandable as they would need the constant resources for such varying sizes and they have a good amount of standards available. It’s also a little expensive in creating the photo books, although I really liked the pricing on how the trade books turned out. That’ll probably be the route I take when testing the site over the summer.


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