Chris Brady Homework May 12th

We submitted our project to Blurb and have an expected delivery date this Wednesday or Thursday. After performing our own preflight and making sure everything was corrected, Blurb’s preflight only found one error, the unavailability of a silver shade of black that appeared in three pictures. I tried to correct one but the error was flagged again, so I decided to take their recommended substitution and will check the final product. Other than that, it should reproduce very similar to what we expect. I also trimmed out one of the title pages and left out a blank page in the end to get it to 60 pages. The final cost for the book, using premium paper and end sheets was $131. This included an unneeded PDF copy that I was duped in to buying, and after I did, I realized that it was the same thing I could make from InDesign.


Seasonal Guide To Central Park Colors Cover

Print Production Central Park Book


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