Homework for May 19

It should go without saying that your final project is due next Monday. You will need to bring your hard copy of the project to receive a grade for it!

You are also responsible for coordinating a time for your group to meet and examine the final product before class. This will be necessary for the final post assignment! Here’s what you will need to do:

Assess the final product. How does it look? Did the colors print as expected? Are there any pages or areas where the color is muted or compromised? Have you lost any important edges – or discovered any new white spaces – in your margins or bleeds? Are the thickness and weights of the paper what you anticipated? What about the overall design and planning of the book? Are you pleased with the way that your group worked together? Were there any shortcomings or disappointments in the overall project? How would you describe your role in the process? If you could change anything about the final outcome what would it be? If you had to start this process all over, what would you do differently? What worked best? What parts of your project are you most happy with?

This post should be 3-4 really strong paragraphs.


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