Angelica Petela’s HW for May 19th

We were able to meet up and look through the booklet ourselves and find out about it more.

It looked like what I expected, a small 7 x 7 book, with heavy stock paper and a hard cover. Perfect for smaller kids that tend to be destructible. The colors (from what I saw from the video) it looked similar to the ones we had on screen, so not much of a difference. We set up the documents to have a white border around the photos and the text so nothing could get cut off. It may be a wee of center, but it looks fine. The sound that the paper made seem to be thick enough to our liking.

The whole book turned out what we expected. Our group was able to plan everything and do everything at a timely manner and we were¬†communicating back and forth through text message. I don’t think there was any disappointments, just we needed to pay a bit more so we could get the book on time. I was the one who took the photos, converted them and did some image edits a bit.
I wouldn’t change anything because I’m quite please how it came out, it didn’t really change from what we had on screen. If I got to change anything I would just do a photography book. I am happy that it’s over and we have the final product.


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