Chris Brady- Homework May 19

Overall, I would have to give the book in its current state a “B-“. There were a few pictures that came out to dark, including the flipped over one that you said would come out to dark. There were also some typos that need to be fixed and a few palette layouts that could be improved.  When these changes are made I would be hard pressed not to give the project an “A”.

As far as thee group, we worked together as well as can be expected considering our full schedules and that fact that we live and work no where near each other. In the real world we would be sitting in an office with each other and working on this until we had a perfect product.

Some of the things I liked about the book was the oatmeal colored hardback. It looked very professional and with the white end pages I would expect to see this in a Barnes and Noble near me.

When I did my first book on Blurb, I had to make at four drafts until all the pictures looked how I wanted, and then one more draft to correct spelling and typos. We did pretty on our first shot and I think we will only need a couple more drafts to get it perfect.


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