HW March 31

I enjoyed the Midterm presentations, they were all unique and designed very well. The one I was visually attracted to the most was the Cats vs Dogs. The infographics were beautiful and since they didn’t use any actual images of cats or dogs their designed did all  of the work. The colors were great also. . The Coffee and Beer Brewing also brought my attention because of the topic. I love both beverages and their designed seemed very appropriate from the substrate to the fold.

An idea I really would like to try was the scratch and sniff weed cards. Although we established that it would be difficult to put more than one smell for every edition since the smells could mix, it could potentially be a good idea. Maybe a magazine like the High Times could use that for one featured strain every edition.

A book that inspired me is titles DAMN GOOD ADVICE (for people with talent) by George Lois. This book gives advice to designers, marketers, and advertisers. The advice and messages Louis delivers are very wise and inspiring for my field in particular. The book’s design is simple but fun.  Every spread has 1 or 2 advices which are organized in a very short and fun way.The advices usually have a fun image and usually a fun true story Louis had experienced. This bookwould certainly help anyone in the fieldCAM00654CAM00658CAM00655CAM00659


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