HW May19

I am happy with how our book came out. It looks very plain from the outside but the craft and the inside pages are very interesting. The way we composed the inside pages to make it messy, rushed and articles ripped up pasted and scanned was effective. The blood and off white/ beige paper gives it an old dirty feel.

The colors came out good. Our concept allowed for mistakes and color change. We didn’t use too many colors. Most of the color came in the blood splatters and some are a bit faded from the scanning but this contributes to the old and worn feeling since it looks like dried up blood stains. There are no unintended white spaces and the bleed was just how we expected it. We got to choose the paper in person since we printed locally.

The planning and designing went very smooth. We planned to meet a couple of times to discuss our progress and what we needed done without a problem and divided the work pretty even. I was responsible for the first 2 chapters so I set the first layout. After discussing things and changing minor things with Ray and Stefanie, they produced their chapters fallowing that layout. If we started this project again, I would’ve spent a bit more time researching more about zombies to put just a little more content. Our book is 19 pages and we covered the most important survival tips but maybe readers interested in this subject would want to read a little more about it.


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