Ian Pooran HW May 19th



I am happy very happy with how our zodiac cards came out. They are very nice to look at, the colors came out pretty well even though i had my doubts. The black ink seems to stand out more than the rest of the colors. They are suprisely bigger than i thought they would have been, i dont know why i thought it would have been a bit more smaller. The size  makes it a bit harder to play with as a player card but on the flip side the illustrations looks really well and that was our main goal when designing these playing cards so our decision on making them a larger size was a pretty good idea. Even thought are larger the cards are still functional which is what i wanted.

The back of the cards looks really well also, the black really stands out. The paper quality is pretty good, it is exactly what i expected to be. However, I wanted the whites to pop more because it looks a little saturated for white maybe then the illustration would have pop out even more. We did had some issues with getting the file uploaded to the site and we had to ad and extra layer of white to the designs i dont know if thats the reason why the white is not as strong as i hope it would have been. But the slightly saturated white gives the cards a surprisingly cool look as well.

I am pleased with our card design we put a lot of effort into designing each card individually and the overall look of the project is uniform and came together really well. the overall suites looks uniform and the box that houses everything looks really well also. I was a bit skeptical as to how we would make so many designs different but yet the same especially since its more than one person design the illustrations but we pull it together really well. We came across a few problems such as how to make the designs uniform , also having sizing problem where our designs were being cut off because of the bleeds of the website , the website kept saying our images was low resolution, and we were having trouble uploading the files as well. However, as we went along we were able to solve our problems.

I was worried to about the colors and the specs being off or a bit different with our cards because we order two different sets of decks which we respectively designed, so we had to be really precise with our pecs. We all played our parts, however i wanted to design sometime extra to put in the box but we spent most of our time design the illustrations which were very time consuming. If i could change anything it would be the white color background of the card i think we could have added a texture seeing how the white is slightly saturated and it would have given the cards an even more unique look about it.




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