Michael Tutko HW for May 19th

Overall I was ok with how the book came out.  There’s a lot I woulda wanted to fix up a bit, including the vector art and the chapter pages.  It woulda been cool to make a table of contents as well.  Also there were a few pictures that had some trouble, one was really pixelated (impossible to salvage that), also a few of the darker tones were too black.  Another picture I think mighta had a CMYK black and an RGB Black, which set off the “black” of the picture, so it was either too mute or to dark.

The cover came out better than I thought, I really liked how the pale green came out.  Dust jacket was awesome, as well as the interior title page.  The page quality was good and so was the size it felt fitting to what it was.  But regardless of some of the pictures issues, a lot of them came out awesome.  Also I didn’t realize how the blurb template picked up on the vectors that I had go off page and transfer them to other pages.  But it stills makes a good coffee table book, something that’s really nice to flip through and its enjoyable to look at.  Any changes or fixes can be done and “poof” the pdf on blurb can be updated at anytime. But its cool to have the original, errors and all.


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