Melissa Kaynas May 12th hwk


For the KAboom cards final Project things certainly did not go as expected. When we had thought about the idea of playing cards we thought it would make a cool and interesting portfolio piece. Then we added more what ifs and details like “what if it became a poster too and the cards were perforated to make it an experience when someone would play our cards. We began with so many ideas like first we would design 54 different characters and designs but then we had to re think the time we had and just decided on designing four different suites instead. it was hard to narrow down our characters and to make our drawing styles consistent yet still unique. Design wise we all had so many ideas about our characters everyones sketches were different some with too many details and some with not enough. coming up with the colors consistency  as well was quite the challenge. at first we were going to go with only four colors much like traditional playing cards but then my group and i decided that it would dull the interest of the characters. by making each card character bright bold and smooth colors we added to their identifications and made each suit of  cards a small work of art on its own.

Along the way we had to accept the fact that our cards probably wont be able to be perforated by a printing facility because they would not set up their machines to cut one quantity. we had called up a place in our previous class to do it but they asked too much money from us ($200 to be exact)  because they considered it a custom di-cut job and a rush fee (no way). so we were about to send our cards to be pre done as all playing cards are however that would take away from our projects character and damage the experience. So we decided to go in person to different printing face;ivies and explain face to face our proposal so that we can have a one on one understanding of the way it would be printed and an in person sample of our project to make any adjustments on the spot. in terms of the perforations our idea had hit a rock , so we decide to take a different approach and pitch in money and buy the tool our selves to perforate our project. Which worked nicely because  now we have the overall experience to come along with the package. Our digital final files were perfectly aligned and had the proper color settings and was looking good for the most part however we were nervous about the printing and spoke about  trying several printing facilities since we wanted our cards to be double sided perfectly aligned and perforated. i am expecting all the sizes to be on spot too because we took the time to measure everything and lay it all out the same on every page including the posters. the way i see our project is something that can be sold in barnes and nobles in its owen unique packaging possibly in the older children’s section because it  requires a lot of hands on activity. i see it looking bright and having a smooth cover not a glossy kind of paper more like matte finish or a linen finish.

if i could change anything about the cards i would change the amount of meet up time we had everyone was running on different schedules which meant that we were mostly meeting each other in pairs and then calling each other to talk about what happened. this gave us some cut backs because we would see how different each conversation went and how different the sketches were we really had to work on the communication and work updates. i would like to see out project perfect however nothing happens perfectly the first time and this certainly is an experience where both myself and my teammates are learning to have more patience with our team mates while still staying on top of each other for work progress.  But we made it work to the best of our abilities and i am glad that our idea has made it this far soon to present itself as a brand  and experience to the class and i can’t wait to see the printed piece and see how everyone will react maybe even play a game or two with our cards because it is a complete deck ready to go.


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