Melissa Kaynas May 19th HWK

My Groups final project was not perfect it was a challenge and it was certainly ambitious. However we all enjoyed and and we learned from the experience. aside from the small cutting mess ups our project came together as a sellable product very nicely. it looks almost like a souvenir that you could purchase and display. the colors were spot on all bright and vivid just as we had intended. when the final product had been printed and we had a close look at it we did realize in some cases the alignment was over by such a slight bit which added slight white space to our cards however it didn’t effect the design, nothing important was cut off or hard to read which was a plus. the poster paper is exactly  what we had in mind in terms of the matte silky finish however i wish it had been more heavy weighted like the printing employee had told us. it seemed too flimsy to be a folder but the print quality was no doubt an exceptional likeness to  our files it was on spot. The cards weight was a great paper quality as well although we had wanted linen 310 paper this card paper suited the project well and printed the colors really nice too.


The overall design of our project i am proud of. i love the fact that we came up with this all on our own and produced it as a package and had it ready to go. the designs and fonts everything works so well even our title :KABOOM CARDS, which explains in its own how difficult it was to create a nice piece but we did it.  My group was very understanding and open to any ideas no one was ever shut down for their thoughts or excluded we all worked together making compromises and worked towards the goal even with our sketches editing we all would help each other out. Which was nice because there wasn’t any tension or anger that lingered for too long because we would always resolve it to have a peaceful work flow. The disappointment i have about our project is the cutting. We took  turns making the cuts with the tool which is probably why there wasn’t much consistency in the cutting. i of example am terrible at cutting so i did my own cards. perhaps if we chose one person with patience to cut all the cards and the poster it would have been a clean finish. also as i said our communication at first disappointed me a bit but we resolved it along the way.


I would say that my role in the group was keeping everyone together and on point with due dates and meet ups. i wouldn’t say group leader tho because in a sense we all were leaders at different points in the project process. During this project what worked best was our discussions at the beginning and really getting our ideas out there not being shy or afraid and also our files did come out really nicely and consistent as a deck should. i am most happy with the overall finished project and the way with few modifications and perfecting it can be sold as i said at a barnes and nobles. i am glad our idea was so unique and started from start to finish it made me proud to see it and know that four of us came together and made this finished piece. i am happy with everyones designs and the different suits sections identified by 4 different myths i think this project has so much potential and i am apply we came up with it and executed it to such an extent. Although it may not be perfectly cut our project color wise printing wise and presentation wise was a great learning experience to handle printing processes one on one in person with a printing facility and to sit down as a group to determine the solutions to the problems we had along the way.



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