Final Project

The final project for this course is designed to be an opportunity to collaborate on a creative and original publication. The parameters for your group’s finished product are open-ended. But it must clearly represent substantial commitment to developing and producing a finished product over a six week period.

1. Minimum 16 pages.
2. Minimum printed surface area of 374 square inches. (4 sheets of 8.5″ x 11″ paper, folded)
3. Maximum page size of ap. 9” x 12”
4. The overall design must incorporate multiple colors.
5. Must be designed using desktop publishing software.
6. Can be printed on any variety of substrate, but must be flexible and bound in some shape or form. (It cannot be a set of coffee mugs. It can be a set of postcards that come in a box.)
7. Must be commercially printed by the end of the semester. (If only proofed.)
8. Must be based on a concept agreed upon an developed by your entire group.
9. Must utilize a coherent design strategy not only on individual pages and spreads, but throughout the overall project.
10. Must use “original” artwork throughout. (If you find or steal an image, you must transform it into something new and unique.)
11. Must demonstrate a knowledge of concepts discussed in class.
12. Must incorporate input from every member of your group.

In addition to the actual printed object and a final PDF document, you will be expected to submit project briefs, printing specs, and status updates throughout the course of the project. These weekly submissions will be central to the success of your project. (In other words – keep posting!)


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